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ANN: FreeMarker Tags 0.6.1

Daniel Henrique Alves Lima
    Hi, everybody.

    The version 0.6.1 of the plugin is available.

    Plugin site:

    User guide: 

    Change log/version history can be found here: 

    The source code of the plugin will be moved to GitHub very soon.
Therefore, any contribution by adding test cases, improving the
documentation or evolving/fixing the plugin will be welcome.

    I created a demo Grails project here:

    For a quick overview of the syntax differences between gsp and ftl,
copy the contents of these raw files

    And paste them here:

    Some points I would highlight:

    - .jsp, .gsp and .ftl can all live together in the same application;
    - freemarker-tags will expose any Grails TagLib to your FreeMarker
template: Core or user/custom;
    - In .ftl, you can use <@g.renderErrors bean=tripInstance _as="list"
/> instead of [@g.renderErrors bean=tripInstance _as="list" /], if you

    Best regards,


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