ANN: Grails plugin to SmartClient/SmartGWT (server)

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ANN: Grails plugin to SmartClient/SmartGWT (server)

Jared M
I am pleased to announce a preview of the Grails smartgwt-server plugin for SmartGWT/SmartClient (see  I have been working on it for quite some time and am very excited that it is now available to Grails users.

This plugin works with the SmartGWT server component as opposed to the existing smartgwt plugin.

Features include:
* Automated SmartClient deployment
* SmartClient DataSource generation from Grails Domain Classes
* Groovy DSL to generate/manipulate custom Component Schema
* Automatic mapping of Grails domain class validators to SmartClient validators
* Full CRUD support including AdvancedCriteria queries, paging and sorting (through an included Custom Server DataSource)
* Grails Tag Libraries to assist with the loading of DataSource and UI components
* SmartGWT based scaffold generation.

Blog entry:

Part 2 will be posted shortly and will go into details of how to use Groovy DSL to do more with the plugin.  At the moment I'm very keen to solicit feedback and suggestions especially as this is the first Grails plugin I've released.