[ANN] Groovy 2.4.0-beta-4 released

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[ANN] Groovy 2.4.0-beta-4 released

Guillaume Laforge-2

Hi all,

This is with great pleasure that we are announcing the release of Groovy 2.4.0-beta-4.

The highlights for this release are:

  • a rewritten JsonBuilder for improved performance in JSON generation

  • a @SelfType annotation for traits

  • a new variant of GStringTemplateEngine capable of handling strings larger than 64k

  • improved support for overloaded setters

  • lots of bugfixes (some of which are backported in the upcoming 2.3.8 release)

  • a new naming convention for closures

  • properties with multiple setter

The last point is important if your project somehow relies on the name of the closure classes as it is a potential breaking change. The reason for the new scheme is detailed here.

You can download Groovy in our download area:


You can consult the JIRA change log:


Thanks for your feedback and contributions!

Note that we are likely to change the scope of the 2.4 to exclude macros. There’s still a lot of work and discussion to be done on that topic, making it incompatible with our target for a 2.4 release. This feature is likely to be delayed to Groovy 2.5.

Keep on groovy’ing!

Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager
Pivotal, Inc.

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