ANN:Multi-tenant core released at version 1.0.1

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ANN:Multi-tenant core released at version 1.0.1

We have delivered a maintenance release of the current Multi Tenant Plugin.  This new packaging of the plugin is intended to replace the existing multi-tenant plugin with more modularity and easier refactoring.  The major fix in this release is to skip non annotated domain objects when processing.  The Jira issue was GRAILSPLUGINS-2579.  We also added the support for storing and retrieving the tenant name in addition to the id.  We also updated the logging to include the tenant Id or the name as appropriate.  

Please migrate to the new version of multi-tenant plugin as soon as feasible so we can deprecate the previous version and move forward with delivering more components and functionality.   Please enter any bugs or enhancement requests on JIRA at  We will be adding more components to support the released components as well as exploring the GitHub issue tracking system.

The source code is currently hosted at GITHUB

We will be updating the documentation and moving it to GitHub as well as soon as we can.

Current modules include

Spring Security
EHCache Support
OSCache Support

Coming Soon

Database Management
Quartz Job Management
Tenant Management

Scott Ryan

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