[ANN] Weceem CMS 1.3-M1 released!

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[ANN] Weceem CMS 1.3-M1 released!

Julia Antonicheva

I'm proud to announce Weceem-1.3-M1 release. The major features are:
 - added support for Grails-2.4.3,
 - introduced Tweeter Bootstrap plugin,
 - added support for default Grails GSP codecs,
 - updated to latest Spring Security core,
 - removed not supported and old plugins
Also we are fixed several bugs, updated UI, dependencies, implemented some minor
features. For more information and actual documentation, please check

We will continue to support and improve Weceem and look forward to
your contributions. We would also love to have more committers for
Weceem. Let's me know when you are interested to help us out!

July Antonicheva.