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Vitalii Samolovskikh aka Kefir
Hi guys,

I just released new version 0.3-SNAPSHOT of Grails Asynchronous Mail
plugin (asynchronous-mail). It doesn't compatible with previous versions
of the plugin. It was developed for Grails 2.0.0. The Oracle DBMS
doesn't support table names longer than 30 chars, so I change database
schema. Now all tables start with "async_mail_". Also I changed package
name to "grails.plugin.asyncmail". It's shorter. :) The current version
is fully compatibly with and support all futures of current version of
Grails Mail plugin 1.0-SNAPSHOT.

I've tested it with PostgreSQL and MySQL RDBMS's. Please, test it with
your favourite RDBMS in your projects. And report your issues to the
Jira. Attention! It's support Grails 2.0.0 only!

I'll release finally version in the near future.

Good luck
Vitalii Samolovskikh

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