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Blog Posting on Rails/Grails

Sorry for the cross posting but Guillaume sent me this blog posting
via IM:

And the interesting thing about it is it is all about documentation
and how key it is to the success of an open source project. Ruby (the
language) and Rails (just look at it: !)
both have awesome documentation, by contrast Groovy and Grails (as
much as I am trying to rectify this) have poor documentation.

So what can be done about this? I think a groovydoc tool needs to be
pushed up the priority list. Now granted its early days for both
Groovy and Grails but we need to start thinking ahead. The groovydoc
tools needs to be intelligent enough to pick up all MetaClass
implementations to so its not a trivial implementation by any means

The other problem I believe is confluence, I'm not sure what the
solution to this is but confluence on codehaus is slow, sometimes
unbarebly so and to compound this it is often unavailable.

So i'm posting this as a call for solutions to this problem because it
is key to the success of both Groovy and Grails in the future