Calling all developers of UI library / front end plugins

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Calling all developers of UI library / front end plugins

Marc Palmer Local

Now that Resources 1.0 is released and already integrates with 1.4M1 core, and is installed *by default* in Grails apps with 1.4, developers of resource-supplying plugins need to update their code to use Resources.

Why? Because soon enough it will become expected that plugins expose Resources modules instead of their own taglibs to expose the resources. Because developers will expect your plugin resources to play well with Resources' optimisation schemes and dependency management.

Its really easy to do, and there is documentation. If anybody has trouble doing this, just ask on the ML. there may be some more tweaks to make to Resources to support some special use cases, but we already have jQuery, jQueryUi, Blueprint published and I know that Peter has been working on if not published YUI as resource modules.

The docs should contain all you need to support it:

Note that making your plugins expose resources does *not* force your users to use Resources plugin itself - provided you do not dependOn the resources plugin. All you need to do is add an artefact.

The quicker we get all existing and forthcoming UI plugins updated to use the Resources DSL to declare their resources, the quicker we all get to optimized web-app nirvana!

Kind regards,
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