Can someone explain this UrlMappings ?

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Can someone explain this UrlMappings ?

İsmail Hakkı Ayaz

I use Grails 3.3.9. index.html is my spa and it is under src/main/webapp

I have AController and BController and both have namespace defined as "v1"
I have following `UrlMappings` 
class UrlMappings {
static mappings = {
       "/" (uri: '/index.html')

And my server.contextPath is  "/app/" in application.yml

All requests to controllers work flawlessly. For ex. /app/v1/a/someAction   /app/v1/b/anotherAction

My question is how the request "/app/a" resolves to the controller A. It seems like it ignores namespace defined in the mapping. It is not defined to do so in my UrlMappings. When it is defined as above this request should fail. If this is expected behavior how could I prevent it. If it is not I should open an issue for this.


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