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Can't change html charset

İsmail Hakkı Ayaz

In my Grails-Vue application I build my vue client with Webpack and create index.html under src/main/webapp. When I deploy the application to tomcat 8, index.html's content-type comes as :

Content-Type: text/html;charset=ISO-8859-1

My UrlMappings is like this:
class UrlMappings {

    static mappings = {
       "/"(uri: "/index.html")

I have below configuration in my application.yml
            codec: html
            encoding: UTF-8
            htmlcodec: xml
                expression: html
                scriptlets: html
                taglib: none
                staticparts: none

I also created an Interceptor as the following :
class CharsetInterceptor {

    boolean before() {
        true }

    boolean after() { true }

    void afterView() {
        // no-op

I changed URIEnconding to 'UTF-8' in tomcat's server.xml. Still my views are not coming UTF-8 encoded. What should I do in order to make my client UTF-8 encoded ?

Thanks in advance.

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