Datasource defined in resources.groovy is null is Grails services

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Datasource defined in resources.groovy is null is Grails services

Shweta Nivargi

I am trying to upgrade my grails application from version 2.0 to 2.5.4
Facing issue that the jdbcTemplate bean defined in resources.groovy is null in Grails services. The same thing worked fine in earlier version of grails (tried versions 1.3.3 and 2.0).
Are there any changes in Grails version 2.5 related to autowiring of beans ?


import org.springframework.jdbc.core.JdbcTemplate
jdbcTemplate(JdbcTemplate) {
   dataSource = ref('dataSource')

dataSource {
    configClass = GrailsAnnotationConfiguration.class
    pooled = true
    autoreconnect= true 

hibernate {
    cache.region.factory_class = 'org.hibernate.cache.ehcache.SingletonEhCacheRegionFactory' 


environments {
   development {
      dataSource {
         driverClassName = "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
         username = "test"
         password = "test"
         dbCreate = "update" // one of 'create', 'create-drop','update'
         pooled = true
         jmxExport = true
         url = "jdbc:mysql://host:port/dbName?autoReconnect=true"

Service class

def jdbcTemplate

def someMethod(){
Exception: Cannot invoke method queryForList() on null object. Stacktrace follows: Message: Cannot invoke method queryForList() on null object

Any help is appreciated.

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