Delete object of my domain in grails e groovy

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Delete object of my domain in grails e groovy

Michele Medas

Using grails I build this domains:

class Book {
    String title

class Author {
    String name

        static hasMany = [books: Book]

def book1 = new Book(title: "The Shining")

def author1 = new Author (name: "Stephen King")

If try to delete Author1

Author1.delete flush:true

Get this error:

Message null Caused by Referential integrity constraint violation: "FKQG8TLCGMC6WKG6ILECFOXSLVS: PUBLIC.PROJECT_BOOK FOREIGN KEY(BOOK_AUTHOR_ID) REFERENCES PUBLIC.PROJECT_AUTHOR(ID) (1)"; SQL statement: delete from project_column where id=? and version=? [23503-195]

I would like to delete an author without deleting the books.

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