Forked mode running db migrations for integration tests

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Forked mode running db migrations for integration tests

We just switched to using forked mode because it seems to be the preferred default configuration for Grails. When I run:

grails test-app integration:

It's running database migrations (which is bad). Looking at MigrationsUtils, I see:

if (Boolean.getBoolean('') && !scriptName) {
// scriptName gets set in the initial JVM and not this one,
// so infer that it's run-app based on being in forked mode
scriptName = 'RunApp'

When running forked, it seems that the global scriptName is not being set in _Events.groovy and therefore it just assumes that it's RunApp instead of TestApp. I saw an issues ticket but it seems to already be closed.

Am I missing something obvious? 

We are using the 1.4.0 version of the plugin and Grails 2.4.3. I see GPDATABASEMIGRATION-123 but it's already been closed as Fixed.


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