GR8Conf CFP is open. Submit your talks now!

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GR8Conf CFP is open. Submit your talks now!

Hi Grails Developers!

Happy New Year

GR8Conf has been going strong for the past 10 years, and this year will be no exception. 

This year the conference will take place from May 27th through 29th. and as always in Copenhagen, Denmark. See for more information.

We are looking for talks evolving around All Things Groovy. This list is for inspiration, but proposals should not be limited to this list:
  • Groovy
  • Micronaut (also with Java and Kotlin)
  • Grails 
  • Griffon
  • Testing (Spock etc...)
  • Gradle
  • GPars
  • Asciidoctor
  • Reactive programming using Groovy and related technologies
  • DevOps related talks angled with Groovy technologies
  • ReactJS, VueJS, Angular talks with backends in Groovy
  • Workshops on All Things Groovy
  • IoT integrated with Groovy
  • and many more!
Proposals for talks should be made here: before January 31st. If you have trouble logging in or if you need an extension on the deadline, please get in touch! 

All invited speakers will have a VIP pass for the conference (including an invitation to speakers dinner). GR8Conf can cover travel and hotel for our speakers. 

GR8Conf is a community driven conference, run as not-for-profit and with limited funding. We do not ask that speakers get their travel covered by their employee, but if they do, we will mention their company on our website (unless the company opt out)

If your company would like to give back to the community by sponsoring our event, we have a sponsorprogram with something for all budgets.

I hope to see your proposals soon!

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen,
Søren Berg Glasius

Hedevej 1, Gl. Rye, 8680 Ry, Denmark
Mobile: +45 40 44 91 88, Skype: sbglasius
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