Grails 3.1 RC1 and 3.0.11 Released

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Grails 3.1 RC1 and 3.0.11 Released

Graeme Rocher-2
Hi all,

Grails 3.1 RC1 and Grails 3.0.11 have been released.

Grails 3.1 RC1 is the newest milestone of Grails and includes the new suppport for rapidly creating REST APIs and AngularJS applications using Grails and GORM 5.

For more information about Grails 3.1 RC1 see<

Grails 3.0.11 includes bug fixes and improvements to the Grails 3.0.x line.

For more information about Grails 3.0.11 see<>

Since we are at the RC stage for Grails 3.1 please submit feedback as soon as possible so we can resolve as many issues as possible prior to the imminent GA release.

Thanks for your participation and enjoy the releases.


Graeme Rocher
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