Grails with Comet working example

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Grails with Comet working example

I'm trying to implement server Push technology in Grails application using Comet by working out few simple examples, but I'm struggling to make it really work. I've been trying out 2 examples from the below 2 links and it is not working. Not working in the sense, am not able to see the expected result, though I don't get any errors/exceptions.

Using Cometd 2.x with Grails
Grails-based Comet (Bayeux Protocol)

Any help in the form of working example, pointers, links, suggestions, etc. are really appreciated.

NOTE: As you can see from above posts, the article is 2-3 years old. Currently, I'm running Grails v2.1.0 and cometd plugin is v0.2.2. IDE is NetBeans v7.2.