Groovy JSR-05 released!

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Groovy JSR-05 released!

Guillaume Laforge-2
Dear users, and dear developers,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Groovy JSR-05. This is the last
release of the JSR-xx line. The next release will be the first RC-x
release before the final 1.0.

You can read more about our updated roadmap here:

We're planning to release RC-1 in about two months, and the final
Groovy 1.0 release should be out in about three months.

As you might know, and as decided during the last Groovy conference in
Paris, the two main tasks towards the final version of the projects
are the rework of the scoping algorithms, and the rewrite and
enhancements of the Meta-Object Protocol. JSR-05 contains these new
scoping algorithms. A lot of very old bugs regarding nested closures
or creation of variables shadowing other variables have been fixed, as
well as bugs regarding visibility of fields, among other things. The
next step before RC-1 is the work on the MOP and name resolution

Apart from the work on scoping, a few important bugs or enhancements
have found their way in this release:

* multidimensional arrays are now fully supported
* Groovysh supports multiline scripts again
* an experimental feature has been added to GroovyClassLoader to allow
reloading of classes when changed
* small improvements to GroovyShell and GroovyScriptEngine
* possibility to call methods with method names defined in Strings or
GStrings: "foo-bar"(), or "$baz"()

Warning: there is an important change in scripts between "def-ed"
variables and not "def-ed" variables. Defining a variable with the def
keyword or with a concrete type creates a local variable which won't
be stored in the binding. However, if you assign a variable which
wasn't defined in your script, it will be stored in the binding of the

For further details about the release notes, please have a look at the
JIRA release notes:

You can download the Groovy distribution at the usual place:

Thanks to everybody who helped on this release, and a very big thank
you to Jochen Theodorou who made very important improvements to our
rusty and limited scoping algorithms.


Guillaume Laforge
Groovy Project Manager