Issue with database-migration and searchable-plugin

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Issue with database-migration and searchable-plugin

Hi all

I have an app with Grails 2.3.11, SearchPlugin (0.6.9), Db migration (1.4.0) and Hibernate 3.6.

From when I installed the searchable plugin, I cannot make gorm-diffs. I have this exception:

Error |
Error executing script DbmGormDiff: org.compass.core.engine.SearchEngineException: Failed to rename index [C:\Users\Luigi\.grails\projects\myprj\searchable-index\null/index/user] to [C:\Users\Luigi\.grails\projects\myprj\searchable-index\null\index\user-copy0]

Now, I have 2 problem

1) The information about env is null.
2) I haven't the user file index. (But I think that this is a consequence of the 1 problem)

How can resolve this?

Thanks in advance