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Optimistic locking flow

Jacob Severson

Hi All,

A colleague discovered something interesting in regard to optimistic locking - hoping for a little discussion on it. Originally this was found to be true on updates with mongo, but I built a toy project to confirm it exists relationally also:

1) User 1 queries an object and starts to update
2) User 2 in the meantime queries same object, updates, and saves
3) User 1 tries to save and gets an OptimisticLockingException as expected
4) Even though user 1 got the exception, their object's version number is still incremented. Because of this, if they are able to save again, it will succeed and overwrite user 1's data.

I could see this making sense, but it would also seem like a good idea to not increment the version before the read (which throws the exception when null). That way the user would be forced to refresh and have a fresh read regardless of how the exception was handled. 

Anyone have more insight on this? Thanks!