Passing params from gsp to another controller

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Passing params from gsp to another controller

Hello, I'm trying to pass data from one view file to another and save data on second but i can't figure out with this, scenario is ;

I have the car domain class so here i add some cars like;

class Car {

    String brand
    String model
    String fuelType
    Float pricePerDay

    static belongsTo = [user:User]

    static constraints = {
        brand(inList:["AUDI", "BMW", "MERCEDES", "NISSAN", "HONDA", "FORD"])
        fuelType(inList:["FUEL", "DIESEL", "AUTOGAS"])


    String toString() { return brand }

I want to do when user click to some car from list on car/show.gsp under car details click to button rent car and then user will go to registration class registration/create.gsp here user will fill some details like address - name - phone number etc. Here i want to get data from previous page so if user clicked to rent car button from Car 1 page here will be these car details when user will click to save button. on registration/index page i want to see all these data how i can do thaT?