Possible bug with "offset" and PagedResultList

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Possible bug with "offset" and PagedResultList

I am using a Criteria query on a domain object which returns a PagedResultList.

Something like this:

def c = Book.createCriteria()

def result = c.list(params) {
  // a list of various criteria

def resultMap = ["resultCount": result.totalCount, "records": result]

return resultMap // gets rendered as JSON. The JSON contains the count & the items for the current page

If the "params" map does not contain "offset", I get the results I expect. However, if I include "offset" and the number of items returned is small (I have not thoroughly investigated what qualifies as "small" but 2-5 records shows the problem), I get a correct result.totalCount, but "result" is empty.

For example, "offset=0" yields:
  "resultCount": 2,
  "records": []

I have copy & pasted the SQL generated by Hibernate (with the offset clause) and the SQL returns the expected records. 

I have tried the following:

     println "result class = ${result.class}\n resultList = ${result.resultList}\n array = ${result.toArray()}"

And the list & array are empty. So it appears something is preventing the PagedResultList from being populated with the records.

Before I file a bug report or go looking around in the source, can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or missing something?


- Jasen.

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