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Re: old spring security core docs gone?

Erik  Pragt
This might be better:, but I also have no idea where to find the online documentation, though I'm pretty sure you could build them from here: if you wanted.

Erik Pragt

On Wednesday, July 9, 2014 11:44:26 AM UTC+2, Mihai GlonČ› wrote:

I have yet to migrate to Spring Security Core 2.

The docs for used to be available from
<a href="" target="_blank" onmousedown="this.href='\\46sa\75D\46sntz\0751\46usg\75AFQjCNGbAvu9k-3tuh2cwFcxgSo_u09VZA';return true;" onclick="this.href='\\46sa\75D\46sntz\0751\46usg\75AFQjCNGbAvu9k-3tuh2cwFcxgSo_u09VZA';return true;">,
but now that yields a 404. Has the guide been moved elsewhere?

I can still use
<a href="" target="_blank" onmousedown="this.href='\\46sa\75D\46sntz\0751\46usg\75AFQjCNGnh3HeBWwzrCODSBl1l-_Fm8Kw8g';return true;" onclick="this.href='\\46sa\75D\46sntz\0751\46usg\75AFQjCNGnh3HeBWwzrCODSBl1l-_Fm8Kw8g';return true;">
to access what I need, but I wish I didn't have to.


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