The False Optimism of GORM and Hibernate

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The False Optimism of GORM and Hibernate

I came across the article "The False Optimism of GORM and Hibernate"
on Marc Palmer's blog yesterday

It struck me as quite an important article, and raised some questions:

* is all the Grails example code (including scaffolding) handling
database interaction poorly?
* is the article correct in its assertion that most Grails apps should
be using a combination of optimistic locking and explicit locks when
updating GORM objects?  (i.e. pessimistic optimistic locking)
* have I overestimated the importance of this article, and if not why
has there been no discussion of it either on this mailing list, or on
Marc's blog?

Thanks for any thoughts - I'm very curious about this!


P.S. I have found some discussion at - only
adding to my interest!

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