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Understanding error from method added from Plugin

Hi All,

I am trying to port the jGit plugin to Grails 3.

This plugin adds a method 'withJGit' to some classes (default 'Controller','Service' and 'Domain', but configurable from Config.groovy in Grails 2.x).

I have made all the changes I thought necessary for Grails 3, but when our application tries to call 'withJGit' the following error occurs:

No signature of method: app.GitService.withJGit() is applicable for argument types: (app.GitService$_updateData_closure1) values: [app.GitService$_updateData_closure1@2e4d8f4a] Possible solutions: withJGit(groovy.lang.Closure)

The definition of 'withJGit' in the plugin is:

private void addDynamicMethods(klass, jgit) {
    klass.metaClass.withJGit = withJGit.curry(jgit)

private withJGit = { jgit, Closure closure ->
    if (!closure) return

    closure.delegate = jgit
    closure.resolveStrategy = Closure.DELEGATE_FIRST

Why does this give the 'No signature' error?
What is wrong with this dynamic method definition?

The 'jgit' in the above code is a springbean implementing the interface to the underlying jgit library

I thought I had a pretty good understanding of Groovy, but this baffles me

Hans Bogaards

P.S. The work-in-progress code can be found here: https://github.com/anwbhv/grails-jgit/tree/grails3

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