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Using assets plugin

Erik  Pragt
I'm in the process of upgrading my applications to Grails 2.4.2, and I have a question about the deferred inclusion of Javascript files. According to the asset pipeline, this is not recommend ("http://bertramdev.github.io/asset-pipeline/guide/usage.html - "This is not recommended as its not very unobtrusive"), but more people are running into issues with this: "http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19795137/grails-layoutresources-equivalent-for-asset-pipeline", for which the answer to me makes little sense.

So, my question is, what's the recommended way of handling this? What I want is to defer all the Javascript until the end of the page, which seems to be the recommended way of handling Javascript. But in my sitemesh templates, I'm using some jQuery code, which will only work after the jQuery library has been loaded. So how do I handle this?

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