Ways to asynchronously generate a part of a page

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Ways to asynchronously generate a part of a page

Jean Barmash 1

I am wondering if there is a taglib or a plugin that allows to asynchronously generate the results of an action or a template asynchronously during the page rendering time, and then insert them when done. 

I'd like to be able to easily specify a piece of code in my UI that may take a while to render, but it would automatically be wrapped by DIV or something like that, and the resulting html is inserted into it.

It's fairly easy to do for specific cases with JQuery, etc, but seems like a common enough task that I'd check if something like this exists.

I know there are a few "remote" taglibs, but those seem to be more for user's interaction with the UI, not for optimizing performance of the rendering process, which is what I am after.

Seems like this could be quite useful.

I am on 1.3.X.