Will the Ajax related content rendering features be removed

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Will the Ajax related content rendering features be removed

I have read the post about deprecated Ajax tags for Grails:

I have been using Grails and there are 2 features I use a lot in conjunction with the Grails Ajax feature:

I notice the "render template" feature in the controller is used for Ajax content update.
Would this be removed in the future?

Another feature I heavily use is the "g:include controller action" pattern in the GSP. To me, this is a powerful feature and it makes the code cleaner than using a Grails tag.
(A Grails tag does the same thing but can't be re-rendered in an Ajax onComplete) 
Would the "g:include controller action" pattern be removed in the future?

Without these 2 features, it would fundamentally change how I write Grails apps.

My fall back solution is to use Data Centric Ajax with JSON (http://grails.org/doc/latest/guide/single.html#ajaxOnTheServer)
Wonder this would be removed.

I'm guessing they wouldn't be removed because a new plugin for the tags would be introduced, but I want to know for sure.

Thanks in advance.


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