cascading validation with annotated hibernate entities?

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cascading validation with annotated hibernate entities?


how to get cascading validation to work with annotated hibernate
entities (JPA annotations / hibernate.cfg.xml)?

as i read the code, i think there is the following issue:

GrailsDomainClassValidator.cascadeValidationToOne(...) checks if the
entity being validated is the owning side of the association or if a
explicit cascading behavior has been defined via mapping dsl:

but AbstractGrailsHibernateDomainClass.isOwningClass(...) statically
returns false and
GrailsHibernateDomainClassProperty.explicitSaveUpdateCascade is not set
as well (but the cascading behavior is defined via JPA annotations to ALL).

hence, GrailsDomainClassValidator always returns at that point and
validation seems to be never applied to associated entities.

thanks, zyro

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