external config returning null using getConfig:

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external config returning null using getConfig:


Hi All

I have updated to

 Grails Version: 3.0.0.RC1
| Groovy Version: 2.4.1
| JVM Version: 1.7.0_75

git clone https://github.com/vahidhedayati/testrssh

git clone -b grails3 https://github.com/vahidhedayati/RemoteSSH.git

ln -s ../RemoteSSH remotessh

vi settings.gradle :
include 'testrssh', 'remotessh'

cd testrssh

grails run-app

Grails application running at http://localhost:8080

now when I hit http://localhost:8080/test/index I see:

----null ::: null

The nulls are when it attempts to look up config file for values related to plugin overrides:



def getConfig(String configProperty) {

I did something similar a few weeks back in regards to config overrides unsure where it was but Jeff had noticed the issue and unsure if this is related..

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