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gorm and interface projections

José Vilmar Estácio de Souza

Hi all.

Interface Projections in gorm data service is a nice feature but I need a clarification regarding the query generated to extract the data to be exposed.

If I have an interface projection like the following:

interface authorInfo {

String getName()


Unless I am doing something wrong, the query created to retrieve the information represented by AuthorInfo retrieve all fields of the table.

Hibernate: select this_.id as id1_0_0_, this_.version as version2_0_0_, this_.name as name3_0_0_, this_.date_of_birth as date_of_4_0_0_ from author this_ where this_.name=? limit ?


Assinatura Informal José Vilmar, Telefones: 21 2555-2650 e 21 98868-0859,
        Skype: jvilmar

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