grails ui MenuTagLib singleton behaviour causing problems

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grails ui MenuTagLib singleton behaviour causing problems

Gaurav Pandey

Hi all,

         Default singleton behavior of MenuTagLib is causing problems in a multi user application. As  MenuTagLib is singleton and hence it’s instance variable MenuItemList items is shared for all users.

MenuTagLib.groovy has Following code :-


 def menubar = { attrs, body ->

        attrs = grailsUITagLibService.establishDefaultValues(


                        id: grailsUITagLibService.getUniqueId(),





        // fail-fast if someone is trying to use a menubar within a menu

        if (items != null) {

            throw new GrailsUIException("Cannot create a menubar within a menu.")





Since all users have same instance MenuTagLib and hence items will not be null fir 2nd user.


Is there any way to set MenuTagLib scope to request?





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