mavenLocal() in Grails 2.3.4 with aether

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mavenLocal() in Grails 2.3.4 with aether

The default template when creating new Grails 2.3.4 plugins or applications both have mavenLocal() enabled under repositories.
Does that have any effect at all when using aether?

From my testing it doesn't. And I guess it's kind of wouldn't make sense either, in the same way that there was no way under ivy to say if you wanted to use the local cache under ~/.grails/ivy-cache. And why should it.
Under ivy, the meaning of mavenLocal() was "copy dependencies from my maven cache (~/.m2/repos) to my grails ivy cache (~/.grails/ivy-cache).
Now that grails' dependency cache is ~/.m2/repos, including mavenLocal() under repositories doesn't make sense. Right?

My proposal is to remove it from the template. Any thoughts on that?

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