question about UrlMappings and arbitrary controller parameters

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question about UrlMappings and arbitrary controller parameters

I want (in 0.5) to allow arbitrary parameters to pass to a controller
via the request URL. For example my scaffolded controller responds to
urls like this:


and I want to allow things like


to also hit the mycontroller/show action. I can get the first example to
work by putting a pattern like


in the UrlMappings file, but I can't find a solution that will get the
second to work. (It seems that URLs with a file extension are excluded
in the UrlMappingsFilter class.)

I also can't find a way to deal with any number of parameters
(combinations of *, ** etc. didn't work). (It seems that this type of
pattern doesn't appear in the RegexUrlMapping class.)

Any ideas?

Thanks, best

Hamish Cunningham

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