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Slobodan Milanko
My question is in regards to the lack of support for the web.xml file in Grails 3.0
I base my question on the documentation and the following presentation by Graeme Rocher: www.infoq.com/presentations/grails-3-x.

The scenario that I have here, is that my production environment is hosted on a Tomcat server. Some configurations, such as the JndiRealm, require the web.xml file to be configured in my application for jndi to function correctly.
For ex: Adding roles, users, etc.

Obviously, I want the web.xml file so that server admins can change the settings freely. Aside from making maintenance easier, it will also extract me from having to recompile the code to get the desired changes.

As the video states, there are alternatives to this file which can achieve the same thing, but I have yet to figure out what they are.

Can anyone shine some light on this? As mentioned, I see no documentation to show the alternative solutions or examples on how it can be done.


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